How can I check my balance?

Checking your balance differs per retailer. Please check the retailer pop up box for further information on how to check the balance of your card.

Can I use my gift card/voucher online?

This varies from retailer to retailer. There is an icon to denote online use next to the relevant gift cards on this website.

What postage options are available to me?

Standard Shipping is FREE and included with your gift card purchase. Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery. Costs will vary depending on your order. We advise that high value orders are posted by Special Delivery as this is insured.

When will the gift cards be dispatched?

Please allow approximately 2-5 days to process your gift card order. Your gift cards will then be posted by First Class Mail - FREE OF CHARGE - BUT ONLY TO UK ADDRESSES (4-7 calendar days).

Can the gift cards be posted to an address other than mine?

Yes. If you wish to send a gift card directly to another address, you may specify the name/address at Checkout. The Gift cards can only be delivered to UK addresses.

How many gift cards can I purchase?

You may purchase gift cards up to a value of £100 in any calendar month from the Top Offers (minimum value £25) and up to a value of £100 worth of gift cards with a variable discount (minimum value £5) as long as you are a Member of the Webloyalty Program.

Can non-members buy gift cards through the Webloyalty Program?

No. This is a special discount offer available only to Members of the Webloyalty Program.

Can I use the gift cards online and offline?

Please refer to the terms and conditions for any gift card you purchase, as well as the Affiliated Merchant's policies.

Can I use multiple gift cards at one Affiliated Merchant?

Please refer to the terms and conditions for any gift card you purchase, as well as the Affiliated Merchant's policies.

Can I use coupons printed through Complete Savings along with the gift cards?

Please refer to the terms and conditions for any gift card you purchase, as well as the Affiliated Merchant's policies.

Is there an expiry date on my gift card/voucher?

Please refer to the relevant gift card/voucher terms and conditions.

Can someone else use my gift card?

Yes, whoever is in possession of the gift card can use it.

Do I have to spend the whole amount in one transaction?

No, any unused balance remains on your card until it is spent or the card expires.

Can the gift card be reloaded?

This varies from retailer to retailer. Click on the 'Categories' dropdown menu, select 'Reloadable' and click on the search icon in order to display reloadable gift cards only.

How do I reload my gift card?

Please use the same process as you followed to order the card originally, making sure you tick the box marked “Reload an existing card”. At checkout, you need to enter the card number that you wish to reload. Click on “where is my card number” to ensure that you enter the correct number as some cards may have more than one number printed on them.

Can you load any value on the gift card/Is there a limit to what you can spend on a gift card?

There is normally a limit which varies from retailer to retailer, please refer to the relevant retailer information page.

Can the gift card be topped up in store?

Yes, however, you will not receive any benefits that you would normally do by ordering through this website.

How long does it take to receive an e-voucher?

Please allow 2 working days for e-voucher orders to be processed.

How long does it take for a reload?

If you request your reload by 9.00am Monday-Friday, funds will normally be available after 9am the following day.  Reload requests made after 9am will be processed the next working day.  For weekends, reloads must be requested by 9am on Friday with funds normally available after 9am Saturday.  Reload requests made after 9.00am Friday up to 9.00am Monday will be processed on Monday with funds normally available after 9am Tuesday. Whilst in most cases, the above reload timescales will be adhered to, we do advise you to allow 48 hours for your card to be loaded, in case of retailer delays. Please ensure you check your balance before use.

Please note that on UK Public and Bank Holidays, reload requests will not be processed until the next working day

Can I reload a card purchased or obtained in store on this website?

We cannot reload cards purchased or obtained in store for any retailer. We can only reload cards originally purchased or obtained from SVM.

I tried to use the card and the retailer stated there was no value on it or a different value to what was ordered?

Please ensure you have allowed 48 hours from the time of purchase and checked your order confirmation email. Further to this, if the funds are still different, please contact us.

My gift card has expired.  What can I do?

Please check the terms and conditions on the back of the card. Terms & conditions will vary by retailer.

How do I activate my Gift Card?

For the majority of cards, no activation is necessary. Your card and voucher is issued active and ready to use. If any activation is necessary, you will be informed in writing when you receive your card.

Lost & Stolen cards

What happens if I lose my gift card?

Please treat your gift card as cash as we cannot replace this if lost or stolen. We would recommend where possible you register your card with the retailer via their website.

My gift card has not arrived

Please allow 7 working days from placing your order for standard first class delivery. If your card has still not arrived, please contact us at giftcardenquiries@shopperdiscountsandrewards.co.uk.

In the case of the non-receipt of ordered Gift Cards, it will first be investigated whether the ordered card balance is still intact. Please allow up to 5 business days for WL to complete the investigation. A balance transfer will be arranged to a new card and the new card will be reshipped. WL will pay for the postage fees of the reshipment, unless the non-receipt of the gift card is due to incorrect address/shipping details provided by the Member, in which case the Member will pay the postage fees for the reshipment. Should the card balance have been spent, or in the case of voucher or pre-loaded card orders, the Member will be liable for the replacement of the order, except in the case of orders sent by tracked and insured mail.  We are not liable for any missing funds if the delivery method wasn’t insured.

What happens if I need a refund from the store when using a gift card, would you be able to refund me for the gift card?

We can not refund, however in most cases where refund is required, the retailer will refund to the method of payment used for initial purchase e.g. gift card, debit or credit card.

My gift card was damaged in the post

Provided the card has not been used, we will send a replacement.

I received the package but there was no gift card inside

Please contact us as soon as possible. We will treat as lost/stolen and follow same process to investigate if the card has been used and send out a replacement free of charge.

Refund Policy

Requests for order cancellation must be made in writing within 14 days of receipt of order. Orders sent by first class mail or Special Delivery will be deemed to have arrived the next working day after dispatch. Reloads will be deemed to have been delivered 48 hours from when the order was placed. Refunds will be made back to the credit / debit card used to purchase. Vouchers, and Gift Cards in some instances, must be returned by registered postage. WL nor SVM accept any responsibility for their return or for postage payable. Refunds can only be made for funds still on the Gift Card that have not been spent.

The above refund policy does not apply to digital orders. By submitting your digital order to be processed, you agree to waive your rights to a 14 day cooling-off period as per Consumer Contracts Regulations. You accept that you do not have the right to withdraw from the transaction once the delivery of product has commenced, at which point your transaction is final.


Should you have any questions regarding your Gift Card order please contact the Shopper Discounts & Rewards Customer Service team at giftcardenquiries@shopperdiscountsandrewards.co.uk.  

Alternatively you can speak directly to a customer service agent on: 0800 731 9935 Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat 9am-4pm. 

Calls to 0800 numbers are free from a BT landline. For all other network service numbers a charge may apply. Calls will be handled by our customer service representatives (operating from outside the UK).